Need Talent?

The Temporary Service employs a strategic partnership approach by providing a mutually profitable relationship with both our clients and potential candidates. We strive to be unsurpassed in the recruitment and placement of employees within our client's organization.

Combining experience with innovation, we are adaptive and responsive to the needs of each individual client. We believe that understanding each market is a vital ingredient in providing superior service.

Value to our customers is realized through our fundamental guiding principals of honesty and integrity.

Guaranteed Performance: If you are not satisfied with the service or performance of our employees within the first day, there will be no charge.

Equal Opportunity Employment: We are an equal opportunity employer and fully abide by the equal opportunity laws.

Guaranteed Compliance: At all times we adhere to all federal, state and local laws relating to the employment of our personnel. We maintain all records of employment, as well as handle the payroll deductions required in the payment of employees.

Substance and Drug Abuse Policy: The Temporary Service has a strict no tolerance drug use policy. Employees who violate this policy are terminated.

Client Service Program: Our partnership begins with the knowledge and understanding of your requirements and priorities. We will couple this knowledge with a customized recruitment and service process designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

Skill Matching Process: We will match the skills of each candidate to the exact skills required by your company.

Screening and Testing: We ensure that thorough reference checks, employment verifications, license verifications, health certifications are completed on every medical person that we staff.

Reference Checking: The references of each applicant are checked to verify employment, job qualifications and reliability.